Wow, dear WordPress, I’ve neglected you….


…but for good reason! I’ve been working non-stop on art. I’ve had a lot of momentum this year and participated in a lot of zine fests (my first one out of the state of California, too!). There’s some parts of my art-life that I feel have come full circle, so for 2019 (yup, I’m already preparing for 2019 goals), I’m focusing on honing in on some of those aspects of my art-life that have been collecting dust.

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I can’t thank everyone enough who bought and/or traded zines with me. I’ve had the privilege of meeting some wonderful zinesters and all around creative people who’ve inspired the way I make and think about art and zines and being productive. Anyways, this brief update is my attempt at dusting off my keyboard keys and getting back into the swing of things in the virtual world. Below are some recent examples of drawings I’ve been working on.

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For further reading, Weirdo Brigade recently interviewed me for their blog and I’d like to thank Solansh for asking some great questions! Give them a follow on Instagram or WordPress to meet some awesome zinesters!

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