I’ve written about this before– daydreaming is important. This is a proven fact.

This week in particular, I have spent a lot of time thinking…and thinking……and thinking….about my current art-state and projects I want/will do. At times, it felt like I wasn’t being “productive” because I really hadn’t physically created much. I had to consciously take a step back to remind myself that thinking and daydreaming is work and part of the artist territory. It seems like the act of daydreaming as part of the creative process can tend to get overlooked (obviously, even by the artist herself), but I’ve taken note more recently, largely due to the fact that I’ve been working on commissions. When you’re drawing on someone else’s dime, the daydreaming process is ever so much more precious and can sometimes be cut short because of deadlines.

Most of my daydreaming happens when I walk my dog. Lucky for me, she loves to go out on walks, so we do a lot of it. I’m inspired daily by my surrounding neighborhoods; it’s great. My mind literally flutters from one thought to another while I simultaneously enjoy noticing the details of my city. It’s these zen-type moments that are easily taken for granted.

One of my favorite artists/zinesters/creators is Yumi Sakugawa and I have this image as a button on my refrigerator, so I see it daily. From now on I will probably interchange the word “breathe” with “daydream” and give myself “permission” to just be in the moment.

That said, I’ve been thinking a lot about David Bowie. He is such a magickal (yes, “magick” with a “k”) creature and one of the pop cultural figures I will always be in awe of. I’ve been digesting a steady diet of Bowie’s music for the last couple weeks and decided to try my hand at drawing his portrait again, only this time I used color pencils. Color pencils is one of the art mediums that I’ve never given much attention to. Sure I’ve had my fair share of Crayola color pencils, but trying to make an actual art piece with those pencils frustrated me. They just always looks so primary. I was gifted some Prismacolors recently and used those to complete my portrait and I had a revelation! The blending! The layering possibilities! The creaminess of these pencils! I feel inspired to continue practicing color pencil techniques and it’s exciting!

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I'm not big on color pencils because I couldn't get past the whole "crayon"-type look and feel. A friend gifted me some @prismacolor color pencils and my opinion has totally changed. I played with the pressure I was applying to the paper and layering multiple colors and it was great to see (and imagine) all the possible variations. I'm actually really proud of this piece. I could totally dedicate more time to Bowie, but for practice– I'd say this is a good start.👩🏽‍🎤👩🏽‍🎤👩🏽‍🎤#UnoFotoArt #art #artist #pencil #sketch #blending #closeup #sketchbookpractice #colorpencil #technique #prismacolor #artsupplies #revelation #sandiego #davidbowie #bowie #magick #womenartists #weekend #DoWork

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I recently updated my blog to include galleries of merch I have for sale, just click on the “Shop Uno Foto Art” link at the top/middle of my blog and you’ll see directions on how to order via Storenvy or directly from me. These are two of my newest pins:

Also, my favoritest independent book store ever, Verbatim Books, is currently carrying my new sticker packs:

1 minizine, 3 stickers; $5

In summary, let yourself daydream and try something new… may end up inspired and reinvigorated.


Keep your eyes peeled for next month–I’m working on something fun (for the kids)!

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